Summer Travels – San Juan Island

Just back from an amazing bike trip on San Juan Island.

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What Summer Feels Like

I told my son recently that it didn’t yet feel like summer. Try as I might, I just couldn’t drum up the summer vibe. Upon hearing this, he stated – very matter-of-factly – that it didn’t yet feel like summer because it wasn’t summer. Or so said the calendar. But I wasn’t talking about a […]

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A tote, a jumpsuit and an overpriced prescription for travel. Taking the WSJ to task.

Got six grand to spend on your vacation wardrobe? Me neither. Which is why I have to take the Wall Street Journal to task.

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San Francisco Travel Today

Join me on Twitter today for a San Francisco-based travel dialogue.

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San Francisco, Baby!

Tooling about in San Francisco this week. Can’t wait to post some travel tips on biking, dining, shopping and family fun. Rule 1 when traveling here – pack comfortable shoes! With so many hills and so much to see, you’ll be glad you did. Rule 2 – don’t over plan your stay. We stumbled upon […]

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